Christmas Time and Red Coraline

I love Christmas time.

I love the beauty of the light in the city, people seems to be much more kind each other and smiley…
I also love to give and receive gift from very close friend and parents.
This year I have receive some lovely wool related gift and want to share with you.

this two are from Tibisay. A wonderful color combo of Kilcarra wool from Donegal Yarns, she also give me a beautiful set of handmade stitch marker, I’ve already used for my new project.



this one from my mother. I love it, I asked for this a while ago, it’s a 100% organic wool blanket from Klippan, the brand’s name is the same of the city where it is from, in fact “Klippan” is in Latvia.


this one is from my sister, a non-wool related but love it as well.


And now please, let me share “The Cardigan”.
I can say that this is the best piece I made so far, I love it, I love the color, I love the design (and the Designer, not less to say).
I wear it on Christmas at my parent’s brunch, it was perfect for that day, it’s also warm and I adore it.

Pattern: Coraline
Designer: Ysolda Tegue









About bubiknits

Mom of one little boy Yarn a holic Knit & Craft designer Button's collector Obsessed knitter Stash builder Vintage lover Not scared of life events - trying to stay sane and healthy, laughing at the sun :)
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4 Responses to Christmas Time and Red Coraline

  1. Tibisay says:

    Il Coraline è semplicemente favoloso!!! In rosso è megabello! Oggi sono per aggettivi stratosferici…

  2. Birba Nera says:

    beautiful! and it really suits you, buby!

  3. paolinat says:

    semplicemente fantastico !! sono rimasta a bocca aperta tanto è bello …

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