Quilting Day FVG 2012

It have been 5 years since I stopped doing patchwork. From 1996 to 2007 I was used to do quilting every day, I made friends, get involved in themed events and participated in courses, after about 8 year I was teaching others as well. Then suddenly a terrible nausea began prevent me from making patchwork: there was nothing to do, I simply couldn’t quilt, so I put rulers and cutting mat waiting for better times. For three years I sew bags and accessories till the birth of my little in 2009, then I put off the sewing machine and began to knit busily.

Suddenly, a few weeks ago, the love for the patchwork get back again. And what better occasion to celebrate this with the FVG Quilting Day on saturday, June 10, 2012?!


arrival at the San Giusto Castle where we attend the Quilting Day FVG 2012

It ‘was a beautiful day, full of emotions, I saw people who had not seen for many years and met new interesting fellow quilters.


one of the quilt exposed at the Quilting Day FVG 2012

exposed at the QD FVG – miniature Kimono by Gianna Fietta

The quilters, like all creative people in general, have a special passion, a big heart and a quid I can’t explain, I want to quote Francesca Pontoni when she says “Quilters like to be together”.


Workshop by Pia Puoti

It ‘was a wonderful party, with many interesting workshops

Workshop by Nicoletta aka Quiltycat

a tempting Quilt Shop area

Fat Eight sold by the Volpe Rossa Quilt shop

supplies sold by the Volpe Rossa quilt shop

a beautiful show and tell

Show and Tell – Challenge textiles art by Marialuisa Comand

Show and Tell – Challenge textiles art by Pia Puoti

a catering and appreciated organizing team worthy of the highest praise.

Quiltando Members – The guild that held the FVG Quilting Day 2012

and oh, you can recognize a traveler quilter from her trolley, don’t you?

Traveler quilter’s trolley!

and ehy, quilters also wear fantastic shoes 🙂

Rita’s Shoes – I love them!!

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One Response to Quilting Day FVG 2012

  1. evaowl says:

    What a day! Some of the exposed quits were magnificent – I’ve seen the pics Irene posted on her fb page. And those shoes. Wow

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