old and new planning projects

Gosh, having flu in Summer is so awful! Me and my little one are feeling better now, but I’ve got cough (that it still resists, but I feel I’m almost recovered) and he was ill from Tuesday to Friday with high fever that get me in panic each time. Anyway it’s going over and now I can get back to my PC and show off something new.

I Thank Apple for IPhone, the picture I’m going to show you are taken with it, sorry for the blurred one, but It seems I couldn’t find the time to take better pictures with my Nikon camera on the past weeks.

So, going fast on those, there are some finished, some in progress and some alredy-started-and-already-finished project.

Do you remember I mentioned the Crepe dress times ago? Yep, it’s finished by about a month I guess.

Crepe Dress in Progress

another view of Crepe Dress in progress

Me modelling the finished Crepe Dress

Yep, it’s not the best picture I’ve ever post, but that is.

I’m happy to say that today I finished 2/3 of the Damson shawl, there are 34 row left to reach the end, Great, I almost done!

Damson in progress

My little boy will start the preschool on September 3. I have got the material list from the School and there was also a zippered pencil pouch on the list. Yeah so I picked up the old tutorial for zippered pouch and I made two for my little one: his choice was on the Giraffe zippered pouch. 🙂 I suspected that: he loves Giraffes.

zippered pouches

while I was making those I though of sharing my tip for attaching interfacing and save the iron glide. Sometime the glue of the interfacing could be sticky and you could risk to ruin your iron glide. I put a sheet of Oven’s paper between the Iron and the fabric layered with interfacing before to Iron on it.

oven paper between iron and interfacing

fabric stabilized with interfacing

So, I’m almost finish this post. Let me show you my Hazel dress in progress. Sometime a seam ripper would be your best friend. I made 2 mistakes on this dress, the last time I work on it it was on Sunday 13 August, I miss my Colette’s project progress this past week.

seam ripper

Hazel dress in progress

Last year I crazy knit almost every day, but as a preschool’s boy mother I want to schedule my sewing and knitting progress, so I made my Goal List from September 2012 to June 2013.

  • Design at least one new knit pattern;
  • Design my own skirt pattern and make it;
  • Knit at least 2 shawl – I think one from Ysolda and one from Stephen West;
  • Sew at least 2 dresses – including one from a Vintage pattern already I have;
  • Knit at leas one or 2 sweater or cardigan from patterns already I have;
  • Save money.

That’s all! It’s 20 past midnight here in Italy, have a nice night and a wonderful new week!

xoxo, Giusy

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Mom of one little boy Yarn a holic Knit & Craft designer Button's collector Obsessed knitter Stash builder Vintage lover Not scared of life events - trying to stay sane and healthy, laughing at the sun :)
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6 Responses to old and new planning projects

  1. I love the bodice on the Hazel dress. It ought to be an excellent fit.

  2. Tibisay says:

    Insomma, hai progetti ambiziosi, brava! Il vestito viola dal vivo e’ ancora più bello!

  3. Complienti per il tuo Crepe. Mi hai fatto appena venire in mente che questo vestito e’ molto simile a quello di Burda (http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/swing-dress-082012) che ho appena cominciato a fare…e invece di continuare a perder tempo ad adattare quel modello….posso usare il corpino davanti del Crepe…Grazie!

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