Birthday and making

December is my month. I born on December 10 in the 1973. This means that I have one year to organize THE big party for my 40 birthday πŸ˜‰

complete Eyeglasses got for free from

complete Eyeglasses got for free from

In December I like to treat myself with little gift to me. So… this month I bought some lovely things. I really love Jimmy Shore craft art since I started quilting so many years ago, His Angels and Xmas Santa are so lovely! Two year ago I saw this lovely sewing machine on the website and this year finally I found it at a local shop. I also ordered and received in just one week the new book of Kate Davies “Colours of Shetland”… so so beautiful and the patterns are gorgeous. Two new wooden crochet hook from Abruzzo, but those are only some of my treat-yourself-in-your-birthday-month πŸ˜‰

Birthday month treat

Birthday month treat

Even if I haven’t still finished any, I have three ongoing knitting project at the time, 1 cardigan, 1 sweater and 1 pair of socks; I stopped to knit on the first two and try to stay concentrate on the socks only because I’m knitting them for the International sock swap I signed up at Ravelry so I have a expiration date to respect.

second sock in progress

second sock in progress

I didn’t have much spare time this last period, but I try to take advantage of every moment I can, and I was able to make some sewing in the past weeks. I fell in love with peter pan collar lately, so I managed to make one for myself. Do you like my double-face detachable peter pan collar? I love how it turned up, and not to mention the Olive Oil look?! I feel a sort of silly gal, but you know, turning 39 year it’s like turning 19, right? πŸ™‚

Peter pan Collar - Russian Doll side

Peter pan Collar – Russian Doll side


Peter pan Collar Black side and Olive Oil look

Oh, well. I own an iPhone and love it, but to be honest reading blogs and magazines and social media miss-mash, it’s going to be eye-consuming, I laugh so sound when I open the Birthday present from my partner: an iPad! Gosh! Thank you DH! And what do every respectful crafting woman? Customize her Geeks. I made an iPad Sleeve case to protect it.


ipad back cover


ipad front cover

I feel guilty sometimes when I think that I have not knit any sweater for Marco since last year, fortunately my Mother did it πŸ™‚ this is the last cable sweater she made for my lovely boy. Beautiful, isn’t it?

cable sweater for Marco

cable sweater for Marco

Last Saturday we got our first snow here in Trieste….

First snow on Saturday December 8

First snow on Saturday December 8

Winter is on it’s way and I’m ready for Xmas Santa coming πŸ™‚

Santa pin

Santa pin

Xoxo, Giusy

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4 Responses to Birthday and making

  1. Happy birthday!
    Thank you for sharing all your great ideas. I also love that little sewing machine. The ipad cover is stunning, you inspire me to also make a cover for mine.
    And most of all I love the snow, we are having a hot summer here and a good summer vacation.
    Happy holidays πŸ™‚

  2. Auguri! Il porta iPad e’ davvero carino! Molto bello il maglione rosso che indossi con la spilletta. L’hai fatto tu?

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