Wristlet Flower Pincushion

1. what you need


– 2 fat quarter or enough fabric scraps;
– Hexagon templates 1 bigger and 1 smaller (I used ready to use Hexagon templates by Clover the bigger is about 3.5″ finished);
– 1 circle template (mine is 2,75″ in diameter)
– adhesive Velcro;
– 1 button;
– quilting light cotton batting;
– cotton thread or embroidery cotton;
– polyester stuffing fiberfill (i.e. The Mountain Mist Fiberloft Polyester Stuffing)
– cotton thread or embroidery cotton;
– sewing machine

2. cutting

draw  the templates and cut out from fabric as follow:
– 2 circles from the contrasting fabric;
– 4 larger hexagon from the main fabric;
– 2 smaller hexagon from the contrasting fabric;
– 2 stripes 2-1/2″ x  [your wrist measurement + seam allowances + 1-1/2″]; mine was 2.5″ x 8.5″ from the main fabric
– 2 larger hexagon from the batting;
– 1 stripes 2-1/2″ x  [your wrist measurement + seam allowances + 1-1/2″]; mine was 2.5″ x 8.5″ from the batting;

3.  sewing

Sew all using ¼” seam as follow:

sew the two circles right sides together leaving an opening for turning right sides out.

Fill the circle with the poly stuffing, close the opening and make the pincushion using cotton thread or embroidery thread. Refer to this detailed tutorial on how to make those lovely flower stuffed yo-yo.

Lay the three layers of the bigger hexagons: batting on the bottom layer, one hexagon with right facing to you, and at the end lay the other hexagon with the wrong side facing you. Pin in place in the middle and sew all around. Do not leaving any opening in this step.

Sew the other big hexagon as the one already done.  Pull one hexagon out as you see in the picture, and make a little cross cut in the middle for turning, pay attention to not cut the other fabric and batting layers.

Sew the smaller hexies right side together all around and cut in the middle as the previous.

Sew the wrist band leaving a small opening for turning. Cut out the angles to make the point sharper and turn right side out.
Top stitch the wrist just at 3 mm – 1/8″ from the edges to have a nice finish and to close the opening.

Sew the wrist band on one big hexie, secure the stitching making two double stitching row as you can see in the picture.

Lay the small hexie on the top of  the wrist band hexie facing the “holes” together and stitch it down by hand using a decorative  running stitch or an invisible stitch as you prefer.

Lay the Flower pincushion on the top of the other big hexagon to cover the turning hole and stitch it in place using an invisible stitch.

Sew one side of the row edges on the big hexagons together with a decorative overlock stitch.
Attach the adhesive Velcro adjusting the position on band referring  to your wrist and then sew it in place for much more stability.

Enjoy and wear your wrist bracelet pincushion – needle keeper! 

xoxo, Giusy